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Don't want to go to prom by yourself, do you? Haven't been asked? Are you thinking of asking someone? Before you do, be sure to read our guide.

The Crush. Have you had your eye on that oh-so-fine boy for a while now, but have just never talked to him much? Many girls in your exact same situation view prom as the perfect beginning to a blissful relationship. Do you? Well, I hate to break your bubble, but if "Mr. Dream Boy" hasn't noticed you yet, chances are he won't want to go to prom with you. You'll just humiliate yourself and become the butt of many jokes if word gets around your school that you asked him and were turned down. Besides, prom makes a terrible first date. Do you really want to be that awkward around someone you barely know but want to impress? Probably not. This may sound harsh, but I'm just trying to prevent you from doing something you'll probably regret.

The "More-Than-Just-Friends-Sorta-Boyfriend" Guy. Definately the most frustrating state to ever be in, isn't it? You just want to sit him down, scream at him about how dense he is by not seeing your blossoming relationship, then confess all your feelings to him. Since you already have an established "more that friends" state, this is the guy you really want to go to prom with. He'll treat you like a prince - give you the best corsage he can, open the doors for you, and generally treat you like a queen. If he hasn't asked you, then ask him. With your understanding, you can get by with doing this. When you tell your friends your good news, you'll be surprised to learn that most of your classmates have already assumed that you're going together.

The Friend. So, maybe you don't have a guy in mind, but you learn that one of your good friends is still dateless too. Then ask him. Friends go to prom together all the time. (News flash - not everybody that does to prom together is madly in love!) You'll have more fun together than you think, and you'll have the chance to get to know a really cool friend even better.