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If it's not provided for you at your prom, it's customary to go to dinner with your date beforehand. And why not? It's a great way to kick off your evening on the town, plus it's an excuse for spending a few extra hours with your date! What else could you ask for?

Well, for starters, more money?

Yes, that's right, this dinner will be expensive. There's vitually no way to get around it (unless you want to go to prom by yourself), so start saving. The average prom dinner for two will cost an upwards of $60. Since you and your date will be dressed to the nines, it's only fitting that you choose a restaurant that fits your occasion. The most popular cuisines for prom are Italian and French. Fancy steakhouses and restaurants in hotels like the Hyatt are also very popular. If you're on the more exotic side and don't want the same old food, then try something like an Oriental, Indian, or a Middle Eastern restaurant. Remember, you're spending your own hard-earned cash on this meal, so be sure you and your date both choose a restaurant you really want to eat at, not just the one where "everyone else goes." There's no point in spending $70 on food neither of you will touch.

Of course, you can eat much cheaper if you just make the effort. Perhaps your parents or your date's parents would be willing to cook a fancy dinner for you two. (Chances are, your parents will be thrilled to be made a part of your prom plans.) Set a nice table - candles, linen tablecloth, proper place setting - and ask your parents or a sibling to serve you. For a good tip, your family can provide you with an excellent meal at a very affordable price.

As with everything else related to prom, it's all up to you! Be creative, be romantic, but be sure to have fun!