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Still don't have a date for prom? Well, who needs men anyway? (Or women, if you're a guy reading this.) You still know how to party with the best of them! If you're dateless, don't think for a minute about skipping the prom. Here's some great ways to enjoy prom.

- Come on, not all of your friends have dates. Carpool together to prom and hang out.

- Just because you don't have a date doesn't mean you can't dance. In fact, you'll probably end up dancing with more people (and having more fun) than if you spend the whole dance dancing every dance with your date.

- Have a rockin' all-girls post-prom slumber party. Rent awesome prom chick flicks and talk about how stupid guys can be. For some serious male bashing fun, check out She's All That.

Speaking of male bashing . . .

Top Ten Reasons Why It's More Fun to Go to Prom By Yourself

10. Got a zit? Don't worry.
9. You don't have to worry about being taller than your date in those cool shoes you love.
8. You won't embarrass yourself by dropping food in your lap or dribbling at dinner in your $200 dress.
7. Face it, guys are big klutzes. Do you want your feet stepped on by your dense date?
6. Just think, if you trip over your long dress, you won't fall flat on your face in front of your crush. Enough said!
5. No kissing your geeky date when he brings you home.
4. You can go to the post-prom party and hang out with the friends you want to.
3. You don't have to listen to him complain about wearing a tux.
2. You won't lose sleep stressing over getting a date.
1. Remember how guys acted at your middle-school dances? Got a group of them together and it was like Dumb and Dumber Part III? Hate to break it to you, but guys haven't matured much since then. When your crush starts the first prom food fight ever in the history of your school, you'll be glad he's not yours for the night!